Chennai Central - Kollam Sabarimala Special Fare Special (6041) Time Table

#StationStation CodeArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDistance
1CHENNAI CENTMAS18:20:0018:20:000 M0 KM
2ARAKKONAM JNAJJ19:32:0019:34:002 M68 KM
3KATPADI JNKPD20:25:0020:27:002 M128 KM
4JOLARPETTAIJTJ21:47:0021:52:005 M212 KM
5SALEM JN.SA23:30:0023:32:002 M331 KM
6ERODE JN.ED00:35:0000:45:0010 M391 KM
7TIRUPPURTUP01:22:0001:24:002 M441 KM
8COIMBATORECBE02:19:0002:24:005 M491 KM
9PALAKKAD JNPGT03:25:0003:30:005 M545 KM
10TRICHURTCR05:18:0005:20:002 M621 KM
11ALWAYEAWY06:23:0006:25:002 M676 KM
12ERNAKULAM TOERN07:15:0007:20:005 M693 KM
13KOTTAYAMKTYM08:28:0008:30:002 M752 KM
14CHANGANACHERCGY09:04:0009:10:006 M769 KM
15TIRUVALLATRVL09:26:0009:28:002 M777 KM
16CHENGANNURCNGR09:38:0009:40:002 M786 KM
17MAVELIKARAMVLK09:56:0009:58:002 M799 KM
18KAYANKULAM JKYJ10:10:0010:12:002 M807 KM
19QUILONQLN11:00:0011:00:000 M849 KM

Runs on:


Classes: Sleeper (SL), AC 3-Tier (3A), AC 2-Tier (2A)

The train Chennai Central - Kollam Sabarimala Special Fare Special starts journey from CHENNAI CENT station and stops at QUILON. It's number is 6041 and it stops at 17 stations between the first and last stations. This train runs on Monday, Wednesday. If you've booked a ticket on Chennai Central - Kollam Sabarimala Special Fare Special, you can check your PNR status here. It travels 849 kilometre to reach its final destination. Chennai Central - Kollam Sabarimala Special Fare Special (6041) departs from its first station at 18:20:00 and reaches its last station at 11:00:00. Also see the complete list of trains in India.

Short name: MAS-QLN SPEC

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