Kota - Jhalawar City Passenger Special (UnReserved) (5614) Time Table

#StationStation CodeArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDistance
1KOTAKOTA19:10:0019:10:000 M0 KM
2DAKANIYA TALDKNT19:24:0019:26:002 M9 KM
3ALNIYAALNI19:39:0019:40:001 M22 KM
4RAVTHA ROADRDT19:49:0019:50:001 M34 KM
5DARADARA20:01:0020:02:001 M47 KM
6MORAKMKX20:18:0020:20:002 M62 KM
7RAMGANJ MANDRMA20:28:0020:30:002 M72 KM
8JULMIJLF20:38:0020:40:002 M80 KM
9JHALAWAR CITJLWC21:25:0021:25:000 M85 KM

Runs on:


The train Kota - Jhalawar City Passenger Special (UnReserved) starts journey from KOTA station and stops at JHALAWAR CIT. It's number is 5614 and it stops at 7 stations between the first and last stations. This train runs on Friday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday. If you've booked a ticket on Kota - Jhalawar City Passenger Special (UnReserved), you can check your PNR status here. It travels 85 kilometre to reach its final destination. Kota - Jhalawar City Passenger Special (UnReserved) (5614) departs from its first station at 19:10:00 and reaches its last station at 21:25:00. Also see the complete list of trains in India.

Short name: KOTA-JLWC SP

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